Watch: How To Make One-Pot Mexican Rice (Spanish Rice) At Home (Recipe Video)

Watch: How To Make One-Pot Mexican Rice (Spanish Rice) At Home (Recipe Video)

Mexican rice is a side dish that is also known as Spanish rice

Mexican cuisine is not just about tacos and enchiladas. There are some more amazing dishes in the cuisine and Mexican rice, also known as Spanish rice, is one of them. The dish is a spicy and flavourful one prepared by cooking rice along with typical Mexican spices and herbs including jalapenos and cilantro. The dish can be described as a filling and delicious comfort food, just like all rice dishes are. Just a handful of ingredients go into making this tangy rice delicacy that is one of the most loved dishes in Mexico. Mexican rice is a side-dish and can also be used as an ingredient in other Mexican dishes, so learning how to cook this dish is a great initiation point for anyone wanting to learn the cuisine.

The delicious Mexican rice are first washed and dried and then cooked in oil or fat until the rice turns golden brown. Long grain rice are traditionally used in making Mexican rice and the rice are then cooked along with tomato, corn, peppers, onions and garlic.The recipe for Mexican rice requires just a single pot, in which you can toss all your ingredients and finish with a garnish of fresh chopped cilantro. The characteristic orangish red colour of the rice is due to the presence of chopped ripe tomatoes or canned tomato sauce, which is another key ingredient while making Mexican rice. Chicken broth is also added to the rice pot while cooking to add a more soothing and delicious flavour.

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However, if you wish to make vegetarian Mexican rice, you may simply used water. Food video blogger Manjula Jain teaches us how to cook vegetarian Mexican rice. You are sure to be surprised after watching the video and learning, just how easy it is to make this delicious rice dish. 

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