Watch: How To Make Instant Khaman Dhokla At Home (Recipe Video Inside)

Watch: How To Make Instant Khaman Dhokla At Home (Recipe Video Inside)

The khaman dhokla recipe is easy to follow and is a must-try.


  • The Gujarati-special dhokla is one of the best snacks.
  • This recipe video shows how to make khaman dhokla.
  • Khaman and regular dhokla look similar but are prepared differently.

There are times when you are done with heavy fried snacks and want something light yet tasty to curb mid-day or evening hunger. For those cravings, dhokla is the best option. Soft, spongy, watery dhokla paired with mint chutney and a cup of hot tea is enough to let us wade through hunger-filled evenings. The Gujarati-special dhokla is one of the best snacks or dishes you can enjoy or even serve to your guests. If you didn’t know, there are a few different versions of dhokla available across the country. Khaman dhokla is of the most popular ones, which is as delicious as the regular dhokla.

What Is Khaman Dhokla?

Traditional dhokla is a steamed cake-like healthy snack usually made with a fermented batter of rice and chickpeas flour (besan). Khaman is made with just besan. This recipe by food vlogger Alpa Modi helps us make soft and fluffy khaman dhokla, that too in minutes! The instant khaman dhokla can be your go-to dish when you have to cook and present something quickly.

The recipe video takes you through the easy steps to make the authentic Guajarati dhokla. Make a batter of besan, curd, lukewarm water and some spices and fruit salt. Grease a large plate, pour the batter on it and place it on a ring dipped in boiling water in a large, deep vessel. Let it cook for just ten minutes. You’ll get perfect, spongy khaman dhokla. Sprinkle some sugar syrup all over it and it is ready to be served.

Watch The Recipe Video Of Instant Khaman Dhokla:

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