This Aloe-Vera Sharbat Is A Popular Bangladeshi Drink, Why You Should Try It Too!


  • Aloe vera gel has multiple usages
  • It can work as a natural moisturiser for skin and conditioner for hair
  • The presence of vitamin B helps in metabolism, which helps in burning fat

Aloe vera is all about goodness. From health to skin to hair – aloe vera gel has is a powerhouse of benefits. Also known as ghritkumari in Hindi, aloe vera can easily be grown in homes and has widespread acceptance world-wide. It works wonders for weight loss as the nutrient content in it detoxes the body, boosts metabolism, aids digestion and more. It contains a complex carb, termed as acemannan, and facilitates the absorption of nutrients by the cells, leading to detoxification. The presence of vitamin B helps in metabolism, which helps in burning fat.

Aloe vera is generally consumed in form of juice (made of the gel and water). Regular consumption of aloe vera juice also helps in fighting cholesterol, which promotes heart health.

Other than consumption, aloe vera gel has multiple usages. It can work as a natural moisturiser for skin and conditioner for hair. It is of great help in treating sun burn. Hence, it is recommended to store aloe vera gel at home so that it can be easily available for consumption and application when needed. On this note, one must know how to store it properly to increase the shelf life of aloe vera gel. Click here to find some handy tips on how to store aloevera gel.

Several people face problem in consumption of the aloe vera juice due to its pale and pungent taste. Hence, here we bring you as special sharbat recipe that will spice up the juice. This sharbat is a very popular street food in Bangladesh.

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Aloe Vera Sharbat Recipe:


Aloe Vera leaf- 1

Lemon juice- two tablespoon

Honey- as per taste

Powdered jaggery- 1 teaspoon

Cold Water- three-fourth serving glass/mason jar

Cumin seeds (jeera)- half teaspoon

Dry red chill- half

Black salt- as per taste

Chaat masala- half teaspoon


Cut and throw the lower portion of the aloe vera leaf that oozes out yellow-ish coloured gel. Now divide the leaf into two halves and scrape the gel out of it.

Pour the gel in a mixer grinder.

Add lemon juice, honey and some powdered jaggery to it and mix them well. If you do not have a grinder, you can also whisk or hand-blend them in a container.

Add cold water and mix again. Keep it aside.

Roast the jeera and red chilli on a tawa and grind them coarsely in a mortar and pestle.

Pour the juice in a glass or mason-jar and add the spice mix, black salt and chaat masala to it

The aloe vera sharbat is ready to be served.

Variation- You can also add fruit juice instead of water for varied taste.

This healthy sharbat might taste a bit pungent in the first two sips due to the aloevera gel; but you will love it post that. Try at home and let us know how you felt!

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