Imperials First-Ever Asian Market Brings Home Best Of South-East Asian Culinary Fare

The Asian Market is serving delectable treats from Vietnam, Malaysia, Kerala and Thailand

The Imperial is hosting their first-ever Asian Market at the Spice Route. The menu is an eclectic mix of dishes that are immensely popular in South-East Asian cooking, but remarkably different from the mainstream dishes we tend to associate with the region. Chef Veena, who has curated the special menu, told us that she aims to bring the streets of Thailand alive for her patrons through this experience. She has delved into some ancient and contemporary cooking techniques and recipes for the new menu, through which she is also paying homage to her growing up years in South-East Asia. The Asian Market is serving delectable treats from Vietnam, Malaysia, Kerala and Sri Lanka too.

Chef Veena Arora said, “Local food culture not only inspires us in our daily lives but help us stay connected with our roots. As I was born and brought up in Thailand, my biggest dream has always been to bring the traditions of South-East Asia at The Spice Route. Now with Asian Market, I am happy to bring forth the local exotic dishes that have not been explored earlier and have not been part of this restaurant’s menus, ever. These are traditional recipes, which are not only extremely loved by the local South-East Asia people but are gems, which are unique, healthy and have diverse flavours and ingredients. Also these recipes are a complete departure from the regular ones, generally associated with these regions”.

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Chef’s special noodle soup

We sat down for the spread and relished Khao Tang Naa Tang or crispy rice cake served with soothing shrimp sauce. We also tried the Chef Special Noodle soup topped with roasted garlic, brown shallots, bean sprouts, coriander, chilli flakes. The soup resembles Vietnamese pho, but also happens to be a rage in Thailand. Chef Veena made the soup in a special live-cookout and gave some handy tips to make it at home. For instance, you need not boil the rice noodles; they are so delicate that you can just keep them in hot water for a few minutes and they’ll get the right texture. Make sure the stock is not too salty, since you have to add so much on top of it later.

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The Asian Market spread at The Spice Route, Imperial

Other highlights of the spread were Pla Nil Krob – crispy whole tilapia served with raw mango dressing, Gado-Gado (Malaysian assorted vegetable salad flavoured with peanut butter sauce), Kozhi Sukha (chicken legs cooked with whole spice, kerala-style), Phak Bunk Man-Korn (wok-fried morning glory with garlic and chillies flavoured with Thai soya bean paste).

When: 10th-20th October 2019

Timings: 12:30-2:45pm | 7:00pm-11:45pm | For table reservations, call 41116605

Meal for one: INR 4000+ taxes, without alcohol

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